What Is The Difference Between Lavender And French Lavender Essential Oil?

Which type of lavender essential oil is best?

The essential oil of L.

angustifolia plants is rich in linalol and linalyl acetate, among many other constituents (possibly as many as 450 or more) and is considered the choice Lavender oil for use in aromatherapy..

What is French lavender good for?

English Lavenders are used more for therapeutic properties and are believed to help with digestion, tension headaches, bug bites, burns, and minor skin irritations. … The French Lavender scent is used more for its aromatic properties and considered good in cleaning products and products designed to freshen your home.

What is French lavender oil?

Lavender French oil is a member of the Lamiaceae family. … It is packed full of antiseptic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, making it one of the most versatile essential oils and a must-have in every home. Its scent is known to calm, relieve stress and encourage sleep.

Which type of lavender is the most fragrant?

Lavandula angustifoliaThe most fragrant Lavender plants are the Lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia). Several cultivars of English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) are also prized for their delightful scent. Lavandula x intermedia, also called Lavandin, is a hybrid cross between Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia.

How do you use the Body Shop French lavender massage oil?

How to use. Focusing on tense areas, massage onto skin to help relax body and mind. Try using with the Spa of the World™ Thai Wooden Massager to enhance the experience.

What is the best brand of essential oils UK?

7 Best Essential Oils Brands UK 2021Art Naturals Therapeutic-Grade Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set.Pyrrla Essential Oils Set – 6/10ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Gift Set.Lagunamoon Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set.Mystic Moments Essential Oil Starter Pack.Kiuno Aromatherapy Essential Oils Top 12 Bottles 8ml.Lagunamoon Essential Oils Gift Set.More items…

How do I choose lavender oil?

Some retailers will identify some of their lavender as “high altitude” lavender. The higher the altitude at which lavender is grown, the more esters the lavender will contain. Since these esters are what give L. angustifolia its wonderful soothing properties, these higher altitude lavenders are particularly coveted.

What should I look for when buying lavender oil?

If you do choose to purchase from a supermarket or big box store, make sure the lavender oil is labeled “100% pure essential oil.” Look for words like “undiluted,” “natural,” and avoid words like “synthetic,” “identical,” or “manufacturer/manufactured.” We also recommend being sure the bottle says “Lavandula …

Is French Lavender poisonous?

Is Lavandula stoechas poisonous? Lavandula stoechas can be toxic.

Which is better English or French lavender?

Scent. If you’re looking for the characteristic lavender smell, choose English lavender. It produces the strong scent that permeates the air, while French lavender has a much lighter scent, which while nice, is more reminiscent of rosemary.

Does lavender oil kill germs?

Lavender oil for acne Lavender oil works to kill bacteria, and this can prevent and heal acne breakouts.

How do you make French lavender oil?

Making lavender oil requires simple ingredients: 1.5 cups olive oil, 7 Vitamin E oil capsules and 1.5 to 2 cups lavender buds or flowers. Heat the olive until it bubbles at pot edges. Add lavender and simmer for 30 minutes.